Creative sales

Creative sales

Sales lead with a track record in global technology including a broad range of software and hardware sales including document management solutions, SaaS, learning managment software, infrastructure sales, e-commerce software, location data, low/no code, IT consultancy, cloud (AWS), recruitment technology including ATS, CRM and AI.

I also have years of marketing, fundraising, recruitment and HR experience. Extensive travel exposure and working relationship with different cultures.

Entrepreneurial experience in mentorship, writing, service and event management, publishing, start-up consultancy, sales, executive search, sales communities, software testing, SaaS development and all on a global scale.

Founder of Reiger Blue, Servturn and Nevhire. 32-40 hours on the job leaves enough room for me to create my original organisations. I have been working with investors to jump start my ideas and have presented these ideas several times. Though the focus now is an international sales position.


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