Peter Strauss

Peter Strauss and what I do

The idea Servturn started many years ago. After my near death experience in 2019 I decided, while still in hospital to found Servturn.

Servturn has grown out to be my outlet for the things I enjoy like music, reading, history, futurism some activism and so much more. I have years of business development experience and can help (technology) companies find their bearings in the beginning or giving a jump start to an existing company. My sales, recruitment, marketing and fundraising skills have been built up over the years. Servturn has brought much more to the mix like hosting management and site management and marketing and a lot of design options that I have fully embraced. Also event management has been part of what I offer. Let’s hope the coming years have some room for that.

Part of the motivation of Servturn is because I’m Bi-Polar (or Manic Depressive). Servturn is a place where I can do good. Sometimes just simple words, but sometimes reflections that really help people like reviews and essays, but the reason Servturn exists is for events to give service in return. Servturn organizes great speakers and in return you offer a service. No money is involved.

I guess I’m one of the lucky ones. I’ve seen most of the world and have been lucky to call Rotterdam my home for over 20 years. My multi-cultural background has served me well over the years as most of my work has been international.

Feel free to reach out about an existing seminar or one that you would like to organize with me.

Some examples of what I do

The number one thing I do is find people doing something unique in their line of business and organize seminars.

Then we have Servturn Sunday for book reviews and music ideas interviews and motivational essays on all number of things.

Any kind of seminar is possible.

We also have special mentorship program for people in technology sales. From Pre-Sales Engineer to VP Sales.

At the bottom of the page you can send Servturn a message. If you would like to be a member, let us know? 

Are you a community builder and would like some advice, please contact us.

Everything for service in return!