Chronic Disease and Success

Chronic Disease and Success

Location: Rotterdam, Huis der Zotheid

Servturn Seminar announcement 26 March 2020

Chronic Disease and Success. With Paula Smit

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Chronic Disease disrupts your life. It changes things forever. Servturn and Paula Smit are here to explain that it doesn't mean you can't live your dreams and even make it in society, however bad your outlook is.

The change can even make you more compassionate and driven. Your time is short so you have to live your life in full, no time to waste. You can choose to slow down and take it all in or go for your dreams now in stead of hustling along.

We have a very special Host for this Servturn Seminar. Paula Smit has MS and she lost nearly everything, but she has turned her life around and is leading a loving and successful life!

This Seminar is for people with chronic disease, huge life changing events and the family and friends who have had to live along side their loved ones often sacrificing a lot to help them. Also if you are looking for a coach with life experience look no further.

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