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Events for open minded people. If we start small maybe we can start something big and special. Need a mentor in the technology space contact Servturn.

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Servturn - service in return
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What's service in return?

Capitalism is a necessary product of our civilization. We need to make money to buy stuff and of course sell stuff. This is a basic principle.

But what if there is more, something kinder more efficient and most importantly leaves capitalism alone. We all pay our taxes and make the needed payments so all is ok with society.

Yes Service in Return brings you that hoped for extra way of dealing with each other.

What's service in return?

The little hope

What if we could exchange small things or even big things by offering our service in return. It’s a little hope that I have that we can change the cities we live in just a little.

I will give an example: I give a big seminar on IT with my work knowledge I will ask big bucks, oh yes lots of big bills.

But If I give a big seminar about manic depression something I have intimate personal knowledge of all I ask for is for service in return, that can be anything you think of. You could wash my car, give your favourite painting.

Business means bucks, personal knowledge means service in return. If we start small maybe we can start something big and special.

The cloth example

The cloth example

In a by gone age (for some still) special cloth was fabricated in small groups of mainly women, the knowledge was shared, beautiful cloths were created an sometimes even displayed. No money was ever asked and these clubs were all around the western world.

It was a great way of sharing and having fun and helping each other. I would like to do this on a little larger scale.

Personal knowledge

Companies don’t have moral grounds to own personal knowledge. The signing of having no other payment for any other company is fine for service in return because there is no money involved.

There should be a definite line between personal knowledge and company knowledge.

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