Peter Strauss

Peter Strauss and what I do

With years of international experience in sales and marketing I can add a huge amount of value to any company. I’m happy to seek out new ways on the cutting edge of technology to enhance your company. Momentarily working on Reiger Blue Publishing. It is a publishing company for (e)books. It is also a Sales and marketing agent for TV and movie productions. The first release is going to be my second poetry book. Send me a message and let’s see what I can bring. I look forward to hearing the ins and outs of your company focus!  

I am a manic depressive. I don’t have it I am it. It drives everything I do. My life evolves around it. Luckily I haven’t been depressed often, because it’s the pits. Manic I have been. Small bouts, big bouts. Nice hospitals, not so nice hospitals. Good doctors and bad. Hey it’s all part of the game. I have a lot of knowledge about it and feel I would like to share and help others. Catatonic state is a different story. Not so good. Scary even, but I think we should talk about it more. 

Now with that out of the way let’s talk about more about who I am really. I am happily married with the best woman ever (sorry it is true). Most of my life I have had great jobs first in recruitment and later in IT all in sales. I have been blessed with good luck and perseverance with a capital P. I enjoy travelling and reading about history and SF. Publishing my first book of poetry still makes me proud. Exploring the hidden gems in the different cultures we come across enhances me. I adore good food and wine and visit Burgundy in France often to sample the best Chardonnays.

Some examples of what I do:

Now let’s get to the good stuff: I have been roleplaying my whole life, a lot of the time in my own head, but it is great fun. It takes your mind off of things. With a group it is even more fun. The two dice are essential for decisive moments. My preference is a Science Fiction world, but you can do anything you like. You could play the Dutch parliament. Anything is possible. I am happy to give an advanced course on how that works. I just love roleplaying. 

I would love to do small seminars about mainly manic depression. To say I have some experience is understating the matter.

I adore poetry. It simplifies the world and enhances at the same time. I have written over 130 poems I’m satisfied with and many more that don’t make it I believe you can do better in Dutch or English. Let me help you out?

Music is my life. I’m a bad guitar player, but a reasonable singer and pretty good songwriter. The chords are clear and text always finds me. I can help you do that with ease as well.

Beer and wine Crawl across Rotterdam with all its famous walkable districts.

Small seminars are what I enjoy most. I don’t want to put a number on it, but enjoy hosting a telling stories. Collaboration is the big thing here. We could work together finding the true meaning of Service in Return.

Everything for Service in Return